About the VTH

This is the second chapter of the life of the Virtual Teahouse (VTH).  The first edition went online in February 2007 and we thought it would be more of a community site than it has turned out to be.  As we evaluated the many strengths of the site, it became obvious that the blogs are what people relate to.   We have added bloggers since 2007 until  today we have about 10 active bloggers who write from their unique perspective on engaging the spirituality of everyday life.

To find the aggregate of a particular blogger’s posts, scroll until you see a post with their name on it.  Click on their  name and a new page will open with the scrolled posts of that blogger visible. 

Thank you for your patronage through the years!  We hope that the VTH will continue to be a source of inspiration for all who visit for a virtual cup of favorite tea!

We hope that you like the new look of the Virtual Teahouse.