November 2011–Poem of the Month, Untitled by Jim Harrison

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Poem of the Month ~ November 2011
I love the tumble of images this poet crafts.  And I now love this word: doggerel.
You, too, can write your very own doggerel-style mantra,
and place it in front of your very own Alter to the Incomprehensible.
Caveat: take none of this seriously, lest an ear falls off! –Krayna

 I no longer believe in the idea of magic,

Christs, the self, metal buddhas, bibles.

A horse is only the space his horseness requires.

If I pissed in the woods would a tree see my ear

Fall off and would the ear return to the body

On the morning of the third day?  Do bo trees

Ever remember the buddhas who’ve slept beneath them?

I admit that yesterday I build an exploratory alter.

Who can squash his delight in incomprehension?

So on a piece of old newspaper I put an earth worm

On a maple leaf, the remains of a bluebird after

The cat was finished – head and feet, some dog hair,

Shavings from when we trimmed the horses’ hooves,

A snakeskin, a stalk of ragweed, a gourd,

A lemon, a cedar splinter, a nonsymbolic doorknob,

A bumblebee with his juice sucked out by a wasp.

Before this alter I invented a doggerel mantra

It is this   it is this   it is this


 By Jim Harrison

~ Copyrighted material; for educational/therapeutic purposes only.


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