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I’ve Got You Now  By Rumi

My face free of sorrow,
my mouth full of wine,
my clothes torn off my body.
Look what you’ve done to me now.

He says, That’s what I do.
I tear away the layers.
I melt the shame.
I reveal the unrevealed.

He moves too fast.
One breath, he is outside the window.
Next breath, he is inside my shirt.

I can’t think clear,
my mind is not here,
he is all I see.
There is new life in me.

The seven heavens cannot contain him,
but he is here,
moving up my shirt.
Pop, one button here.
Pop, one button there.

This lion of God
watches over me,
I sing as he roars.

He says, I’ve got you now.
I gave you life,
I created you,
I do what I want now.

I am your harp,
play me easy,
play me hard, or
don’t touch my strings at all.

You know!
I think,
I’ve got YOU now.
Before I met you,
I had only one heart,
I had only one body,
I was only being.

But look at me now,
I’ve got you now.     

It seems these days, the more I stand still, the less I have to say!  Scary place to be if you fancy yourself a writer.  How blessed we are that some of those who found Love can sing like Rumi! 

Today I realized that standing in tiny hurts and little losses, being quiet through small humiliations and errors, allowing the feeling of that tightness and discomfort long enough for it to dissipate into a deep breath of peace and Love prepares me for being able to anchor through the hurricanes of life.  This is a secret, letting go of distractions and practicing on the miniscule “deaths” working your way up until big deals can wash through you leaving just Love in their wake.  We are the masters of distraction, are we not?  This is really a variation on the theme of “die a thousand deaths” I wrote about a few weeks ago.  For me, I see the practice like weight training, start with smaller weights and working your way up.  All along the way the layers will be lifted, the clothing torn off, until there is no shame, no vulnerability and you can sing while He roars.


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