Bleeding Love

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You’ve heard the Buddhist wisdom of “die a thousand deaths”? I find, as I stop more often during each day to allow myself to be present, I am aware of the millions of times I fall back into conditioned thinking and my heart is broken over and over by circumstances, by people I love, even by the evening news thereby causing me to die a thousand deaths a day.

Tonight, while cracked open yet again, I found my way to the song Bleeding by Leona Lewis and I am struck by the duality of the words ”you cut me open and I keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding, love”.  At first blush, of course, I think of romantic love gone bad.  Then I look at every day life and all the times I react and feel broken and what occurs to me from sitting with this song is that, if even in the reaction, which is not awareness or presence, I could just keep bleeding love, then the reaction would still heal me and any others involved in my immediate experience of my humanity.

So for tonight, embracing my imperfection, and the baby steps I’m taking on THE path, I think I’ll “keep on bleeding, keep keep bleeding love”…

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