Happy Fourth Birthday to Virtual Teahouse: it’s all about the beauty

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People stand on Glastonbury Tor hill...

People stand on Glastonbury Tor hill in England watching the moon as it progresses across the sky, at its closest point to the Earth for almost two decades, earlier today, March 19, 2011. It is the first time since 1992 that the Moon has been this close to the Earth.


The other day I was trying to update some of the categories used on posts here on the Virtual Teahouse. Since we moved it a few months ago from Community Server to WordPress the original tags didn’t translate. I went back aways and was using categories that had come up in the recent posts and was enjoying the ride but finding it hard to categorize some of them when I started to laugh.

The categories and tags on blogs are designed so that readers can easily find common threads or elements throughout the blog. At the Virtual Teahouse this is even more important as there are multiple bloggers; categories and tags help tie the site together so that readers can experience the common themes in the overall site theme of “engaging the spirituality of everyday life.”

One of the biggest themes that I have experienced in writing for four years for this site is ‘beauty’. It encompasses the grace that overwhelms us sometimes in the most unexpected places, the moments when our minds and hearts open to hear truth or receive forgiveness. I have not been posting regularly for a variety of reasons–mainly that although much is going on in my interior space, I don’t have a lot of words for expression. While I’m not apologizing, I am noticing that I’m feeling somewhat guilty that I have not been more faithful to the work of this site.

So the laughter was about one of those moments when we realize that the thing we most long for is sitting in front of us in some form that we may not recognize because of the picture that we painted around the longing. It was that I was struggling to find the right categories for the different posts, and couldn’t always find one, because I hadn’t added one of the most profound ones–out of oversight? Resistance? Lack of attention? All of the things that this site is about! So I quickly added ‘beauty’ because, well, it’s all about that.

So here’s to beauty in all of its forms. Happy Fourth Birthday to Virtual Teahouse, born March 2007. While it’s original intent as a community-based site has not been how it has developed, the bloggers who have come to the site and stuck with it have been profound and have been blessed in what they are giving through the medium of the site. The site’s work has blessed many hearts, most especially mine. I hope to be more present around these here parts in the future. But if I’m not, know that I am finding beauty in the earthworms crossing my path, in the love for and of my dying wolf/dog, in the transformation of many elements of my life, one of which says I ‘need’ to express what that transformation is all about!

It’s hard to know if the intense spiritual growth spurt I’m in is because of the work I’ve done over the past few years with this site and my other site and work, Finding Ground. It may be that the sites have come out of the need for expression that is about the work already being done and needing to find an external resonance. Either way, the VTH continues to be a gift in my life and I hope it is a gift to the hearts of many others.

Peace and great beauty to each of you on this spring equinox weekend, with that amazing super full moon attached.  I for one, am headed out to the high desert landscape that I love so much in an hour or so to watch her come over the horizon and bless us with her lushness of beauty.

Holi, a Hindu or Sikh springtime ritual of color, vibrancy and delight.



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