Waking up with a plan…

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When I awoke this morning, there was a strange plan in my head. It was totally foreign to me and yet there it was.  As the warm shower hit my skin I became more and more aware of it.

The plan involved baking Morning Glory Muffins.  I have never baked Morning Glories nor have I ever looked at a recipe for them yet I hopped out of the shower, threw on my fuzzy robe and made my way outside to last year’s carrot patch. I moved the rocks holding the row cover down and took the small shovel from the corner and carefully broke loose a small patch of soil and voila’ — there they were — five or so of my bright orange beauties. I couldn’t believe the aroma. Here it is barely dawn on a freezing, windy February morning and the air is filled with the sweet smell of fresh picked carrots.

What happened when I came inside was surreal — I simply executed the ideas streaming into my brain: “wash the dirt and the funny little hairs off the carrots… grate them…crack in a couple of the eggs from the neighbor’s chickens. Let’s see…maybe some raisins and oh yea, walnuts! Humm…got lots of apple-sauce that I canned …a cup or so of that. That’s right. Yum. Now, for the dry ingredients…almond meal that I made last Sunday, maybe a little rice-flour…that looks about right.  A pinch of salt and some baking powder. There. Done”.

My parrot watched it all from my shoulder. When I started filling the muffin tins, she started going “Yummmm….Yummmm….” and making her hungry bird noises.  About that same time, the dog started offering tricks with the hopes of being treated sooner rather than later. I explained to them both that they’d just have to be a little patient because the muffins still had to bake.

Thirty minutes later, the three of us feasted on delicious muffins which were amazing fuel for our bodies and food for our souls.  I simply can’t imagine muffins being any healthier or better tasting.

I sang songs of gratitude for the inspiration given to me and the anchoring of the experience of being Divinely Guided.  I’m still not entirely sure why Spirit choose muffins to connect with me this particular morning yet I sure hope inspiration strikes again tomorrow morning…or afternoon…or evening.

PS:  If your curious about my “bright orange beauties”, they are from last year’s crop that I left in the ground.  Miraculously, they taste as good today as they did in August but they are about used up.  Fortunately, there’s enough for a few more batches of Morning Glories…if only I could remember the recipe!

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