Poem of the Month–January 2011: Cucumbers and Prayers

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Poem of the Month  ~  January 2011
Happy New Year!  How ‘bout we all behave like the earth Hafiz describes and join the exuberant, “consecrated free-for-all” with whole-heartedness!  I’m stuffing my sack with poems and who knows what else!!!   Truly, may your love affair with the One turn you into a holy scoundrel, one of the Beloved’s sweet, yapping love-dogs! 

Peace and joy to you in this coming year! –Krayna


All day long
The earth shouts
“Gee, thanks.”

Such an exuberant gee,
It starts throwing

As if God were passing by in a parade encouraging
Rowdy behavior
By looking so beautiful –
That a whole avalanche of mania swoops in!

I like the idea of throwing things at God,
And especially – His making us rowdy!

Thus, as soon as Hafiz is out of bed
I start stuffing large sacks
With old shoes, cucumbers,

For the upcoming

Free-for-all –
And who knows
What else.

From “The Gift” – versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky     �
Copyrighted material; for educational/therapeutic purposes only.



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