Food for the soul just may be cauliflower

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I used to think that food for the soul was incredible vistas….thought provoking spiritual writings….melodies that float through ones’ being.

Now, I think food for the soul is cauliflower.

The thought that “food for the soul” is actual food has been radical and life-changing. Even, after suffering with an undiagnosed food allergy that nearly killed “me”, it took me years to get that food could also transform me.

For me, it’s been one thing to think that food is merely for a body that’s going to die sooner or later and entirely another thing to approach food as though it was for a beloved, eternal being.

For the body, my attitude was “so what if I’m eating a poor chicken who had her beak burned off and never had enough space to turn around.”

But when I think of feeding my soul, there’s no way my soul wants to participate in unkindness. When I eat for my soul, I eat with my heart and my ethics and feed myself food which carries good vibrations.

Eating for my soul has also meant falling deeply in love with food. Very few bites go un-savored these days. Simple food such as cauliflower cooked in a hot cast-iron skillet with ghee and salt has become a form of “self” expression and baking is now a source of inspiration.

Food has become my religion — a little unusual, I know — yet when I say that eating hamburger from a feed-lot cow is against my religion that is exactly what I mean. Being a devotee of real food takes a lot of effort (like most spiritual paths) and it has brought me closer to my true self than any other form of worship I’ve practiced so why not a religion based on feeding our souls? It would certainly lead to a more compassionate world.

The ironic thing is that the more I eat for my soul, the healthier my body becomes. And, the healthier my body is the more energy I have for seeking incredible vistas, studying spiritual writings and learning how to bake without wheat.

Tell me….How would your eating change if you knew that with every bite you were feeding Jesus or Krishna? That, with every meal, you were either moving closer to your truth or further from it? That the food you eat this morning isn’t simply for this afternoons work?




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