two opportunities for pleasurable eating

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1. music (overheard)

I apologize for the very loud shaker-y sound for those 30
seconds. I don’t know what just happened there.
I learned to play classical piano and the blues might not translate
well. I will just listen and see what I can add.
Man! Man! You are ridiculous! You make that thing dance!
Not sure what happened.
Did you see? Did you see? They were all rolling down their windows as they drove by – to listen to us! To listen to us!
I don’t know what just happened there.
And actually, my cheeks did not flush.
We need to add a drum to this.
I used to play the buckets, and wanted to add the pots and pans, but boy did that piss off mother.
That was really great. Yes. That was really great. Just like that.

I don’t know what just happened there.

2. hunger (overthought)

Run from hunger like the coming of the first chill in the air; continue to wear
The sandals you got on sale this summer, and everyone complemented you on
Until the same people are saying, why don’t you ever think before you leave the house,
you must be freezing; Why don’t you ever think

You stifle the bonecold every inch of the way,
never letting the house not be cozy, never tasting the evenings without a fire
near, ensuring no chance of allowing yourself to relearn the season of returning
to the fallow, returning to the after-harvest.

There seems something to knowing that forty days
we could walk in our deserts in hunger.

This hunger is not the starving, Listen, lusty stomach. Listen, lusty heart.
This hunger holds off filling what you have means to fill.
Accept the abundance of the empty basket. The blank page. The depleted gas tank.
The tiredness of waiting. The slow trickle of the unknown.
The chance of missing an opportunity.
Quiet up. Do not act. Do not fill. Crane to hear to the voice of empty.
The release of a chronic pain.
Tense and tangled your own body had become
Your muscles well-instructed to defend. Fill up. Stave off.
Resist this. Do not become numb.

You know that hunger has written every poem.

Who ever trusted a poem that hunger wrote?
Who ever trusted a poem without becoming hungry?


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