When happy hours aren’t so happy

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gourmet food
and served at one of the nicest restaurants in town. The second, an
even bigger ah-ha that has been years in the making, is that cheese and
butter are condiments (and not the sustenance of a meal). Who knew?

with these latest two revelations, I’m coming very close to saying that
I’ve sort of got “eating right” figured out. In a nut shell, it looks
like eating real food, eating with my conscious and eating a huge
variety of food.
Simple. A life-time worth of struggle and study
boiled down to less than a dozen words.

And, this “eating
right” is something I’m really no longer thinking that much about.
It’s now just how I eat, who I am and what I do. It seems really
out-of-character for me to say I’d rather cook for myself than eat out
at a nice restaurant and it is my truth. The food I make at home is
better on all fronts than the food that the River House served me last
night. And, my food continues to get better tasting, more creative and
healthier every week. Food is no-longer a mystery to me but a passion
and a hobby and a source of wonderful mental, emotional, physical – and
even spiritual – pleasure.

my dear friends, thanks for joining me on this incredible journey into
the depths of what I eat and how I eat it but, alas, I am now ready to
move into the next area that I’ve struggled with since time began:

I’ve always wanted to be a physically-fit person and
never have been able to maintain it for more than a few months at a
time. I get to a point where I feel good about my level of cardio and
than manifest a pnumonia or something to knock me out of the game.
Right now, I try to exercise three times a week but there are so many
other things that absolutely must get done that it just never seems to
work out for me to work-out.

finally to the point of being done with that roller-coaster. I’m done
with feeling flabby and weak; with failing at something I truly want;
of wrestling with what I do when I get off work work. If I can figure
out how to eat-right which was a task just as daunting, I can figure
out how to get in-shape and stay in-shape….I can solve the dilemma of
“on-the-one-hand I want to be in-shape and on the other, I don’t want
to sweat”.

So here I go: It is my intention to get in-shape and
stay in-shape. Sounds simple enough, right? I guess the process has
begun and the choice tonight will be work-out or plant the potatoes.


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