wanderlove or is it just lust?

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It might be true

that all things come to those who wait.

that all sights are visible in one’s heart.

that any experience is everyone’s experience.

That being said…

I still want to slide into deeper waters, the secret aqueducts, the chambers of the heart of the universe.

to surface from the underground in sunny meadows that smell of slightly drying mid-August wildflowers.

to eat seven different varieties of mole and be able to tell the difference.

to roll in the mole and then the wildflowers and then have some half-crazed artist paint a picture of me or on me. And me on them, after I roll them in honey and then tiny beads made in tiny villages in Mozambique.


Such pathetic peripatetic contradictions.

Tom writes about this photo: My room on Tobacco Caye. Sleep walking was a wet dream experience.

My dear friend Tom Leach is on a pilgrimage through Mezo-America. Click here to read his well-written travelogue on FaceBook and view his photo journal.

If you can’t access the travelogue or photo album because of you’re not on FaceBook, you can join up, ask to friend me and I’ll maybe do just that. The venue of exchange: send me a new mole recipe, a soap made with wildflowers, a half-crazed artist or some combination of the above.

Offering for this week’s One Single Impression prompt. Thanks to my friend, and everyone else’s as well, Tammie Lee of Spirit Helpers for this week’s lovely prompt, wanderlust.




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