Me and my hip wait for the solstice*

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At the juncture where the iliacus and the psoas muscles entwine

On the corner of my right hip and my future self

All manner of constrictions are brought to the surface

So they can be have their say.

Anterior Hip Muscles 2.PNG

Last week, December 12, I fell down six stairs onto my right hip. This week has brought 3 osteo adjustments, 1 physical therapy session and a massage from hell. And still my sacrum stumbles around in the early morning and that sweet juncture of those 2 muscles reminds me of how constriction works. I’m listening to my body, intently. Honoring the tightness. Waiting for the light of solstice, of Advent, to enlighten my psoas and iliacus. Those muscles are far wiser than than my little mind and will know what to do with such beauty.

* Reference, oblique though it may be, to a wonderful book, “Me and My Baby View the Eclipse” by Lee Smith.

Offering for this week’s One Single Impression prompt: juncture. Run on over there and check out the fun! Thanks to Jeeves of Silence is Poetic for this week’s prompt.




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