What it’s like…rather than what it is

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Anthropomorphizing God and God’s kingdom is the best most of us, maybe any of us, can do. Similes, metaphors and other analogies are thus the honest homily.

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The kingdom of God is like…

the intricacies of markings on a butterfly’s wings

made of thousands of minute scales

each a kingdom unto itself

the color brown

made of red and yellow, compost and water

each a kingdom unto itself

the welcoming wag of a dog’s tail

made up of synapses and sinew, love and hikes

each a kingdom unto itself

a delicious frosted cake

made of the salt of the earth and the leavening of love

each a kingdom unto itself.

The holographic nature of the universe

Speaks to the nature of the kingdom of God

But cannot define or even illuminate it.

But we, both the cake and part of the cake

Can have and eat it, too.



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