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I love this simple
and elegant social art project: Kacie Kinzer, a graduate student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts has created a low-tech robot that can only move forward in a
straight line. Armed only with its final destination posted on a cheerful
flag, the robot is dependent on strangers to help guide it in the right
direction, and to avoid pitfalls like curbs and potholes and traffic.

While many
predictably ignore the little guy, several are diligent about setting it back
on the right course, and trying to protect it from harm. One man even goes so far as to say out loud to
the robot: “You can’t go that way, it’s toward the road.”

How often do we
focus so narrowly on getting from point A to point B that we neglect to see
others who could use a very simple helping hand? How often do we keep running into the same curb
without noticing (or acknowledging) that there is help available all around us? How do we adapt our limitations (only moving
in one direction) to function the way we need to?

Do you go out into
the world expecting the kindness of strangers, or do you expect to be
ignored, or even misdirected? We have our chosen communities, but what about circumstantial communities? How do we regard and interact with those who
just happen to inhabit the same space we do?

Check out more of
Kacie’s very cool project here.




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