Poetry and Resurrection

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Easter looming on the horizon. Feeling colorless, grey, not at all like an Easter egg. Contemplating all the suffering in life, the hard times ahead, aging, world and weather dramas daily. And then, just taking that moment to fill out the cuppa Poetry Survey was an unexpected leap into resurrection. Focusing on poetry…Questions, deep and probing, that I had to answer for myself, after a drought of endless emptiness, wordless months, a tomb of waiting. Sophia de mello Breyner’s poem, “Listening at the Edge” stirred the still waters, then Beth’s reflection poem broke open the crusty vault.

Suddenly I remembered the Hum, the sound or vibration of what I could only describe as Life Everlasting, Life Indomitable, the Core Central, where hope and faith are recharged. “Oh, yes. I remember that now.” I got up and went for a cup of tea, as a poem welled up from my feet to my mind, tingling my finger tips. So again, I am thankful, so thankful, for Easter, for resurrection, for tea, and for this Teahouse. I am alive, and I hear a poem inside me. What more could I ask?

Do You Hear It?


To the silence—

Mute language of the day

Grass greening, sunrise smiling,

Body breathing,

holy whispers cached

in the clay urn of moments

like cool, clear water.


To the noise—

Ceaseless buzzings swirl

Chirps, trills, barks, and honks,

Motors whining, humming,

Chiaroscuro voices

Bounce in the sacred well

Etching sounds on stone.


A honeyed hum arises

From the deep

Beyond the caverns

Of silence and stone

Where I float

The hum pulses my cells, once again,

With the true song of the universe.

My kindergarten teacher was right–

If I stop, look, and listen,

Then I will hear.

It’s Easter ringing in my ears.




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