a puzzlement*

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Leaves on Road by scraff1967

dried dull yellow big leaf maple

bouncing and skittering

backside up

on legs I can’t understand

following me

dancing the unpredictable wind into

my heart as gift

gorgeous scarlet vine leaf maple

doesn’t dance as well

and the exquisite tiny yellow weeping birch leaf

doesn’t dance at all

they bring different gifts

I can’t figure out if life is a gift to be slowly unwrapped, almost like a strip tease

Or a puzzle to be put together backside up so you can’t see the picture.

* ‘ees a puzzlement’ –the King of Siam trying to figure out Anna

Red Leaf by Johnny Blood

This week’s submission for One Single Impression (prompt 35): Gift

One Single Impression is a community of poets writing and sharing haiku and other poetic forms. Come by and visit or better yet, submit your own poem by posting it to your blog and linking through this site!

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