Riddle: Why does Sally sell seashells by the sea-shore?*

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Point Reyes National Seashore - 04 by Ric e Ette
Port Reyes National Seashore, California
Ric e Ette’s photostream

I once read

about how if you stood at the sea-shore

and could observe

where exactly the sea and the land met

and keep looking

and looking

deeper ever deeper

even with an electron microscope

you’d never find that liminal space

because there’s always an infinitesimal

and elusive difference between this.

And that.

Just thinking about this puts me in liminal space.

And so.

Never ending is a place

of mystery, loveliness and

challenge to the status quo:

nothing ever begins or ends.

* Answer: Because Sally, smart and sassy siren that she is, likes to provide her wares in liminal space: with one foot in this and one foot in that.

This week’s submission for One Single Impression (prompt 34): Never Ending

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