A smoothie of secrets and surprises and a little chocolate extract

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A few years ago I heard a NPR story about an 800 number for people to call and anonymously apologize for things they’ve done but cannot, for any reason, do restitution for or make amends. These messages are archived. It left a powerful image on my psyche as I reflected on the gestalt of the confessional–anonymous pieces of the long, convoluted path of self-forgiveness.

Somebody wise once said that to help foster clarity and transparency in our kids we need to teach them the difference between secrets and surprises. A surprise is something you can’t wait to tell, and a secret is something you’re afraid to tell. In the field of child advocacy where I work, that is sound guidance to help us teach our children to not foster secrets that could be harmful to them or to the fabric of the family.

And then, this morning…on my new friend Karen Crone’s lovely site, ‘my Everyday Memoir’, I found a link to a site that blends secrets and surprises, for adults, mind you! The site is called Post Secret and it posts images of postcards anonymously sent with a secret on one side. The images are powerful. Thought you might enjoy or at least resonate with this site. Here’s a link to more info about how to enter a postcard and other interesting FAQ about the Post Secret community.

Like the best dark chocolate, this site is a delicious bitter/sweet mixture of secrets and surprises.

Here’s one image from this morning’s post:

Thanks, Karen for the link–

Hope you all find some time to explore this soulful site.

Beth, VTH Host




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