Blog Action Day: Of Toothbrushes and souls

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I honestly never considered my toothbrush to be part of our eco problem. Did you know the in the United States 50 million pounds (that’s 25 tons) of toothbrushes find their way to landfills each year? Check out Ideal Bite’s daily web message. I’m stunned by the sheer volume of waste that we generate and that’s just to keep our teeth pearly white. I’m thinking there’s nothing that I don’t need to see with new “eco-eyes”!

Since starting my sporadic foray into the world of eco-blogs, we (my husband Dick and I) have made small but steady changes in our lives and we keep on finding new ways to be kinder to our environment. I keep asking the question as I unattach myself from things: “Does this item promote simplicity or make life more complicated?” Some things that produce a simpler way:

*De-cluttering closets and attics while asking why we have these things in the first place.

*Limiting cleaning products and finding nontoxic replacements. And, yes, just cleaning less. I have to admit I’ve been a little overzealous about it in the past.

*Using bulk shampoo, conditioners, creams, bath products with obvious reductions in plastics and bath clutter.

*Cutting down drastically and, in some cases, eliminating plastic wrap, paper towels, napkins and tin foil.

*Using recycled toilet tissue and using less of it.

*Keeping the thermostat low. My menopausal metabolism would allow us to turn it off on a regular basis but am finding my husband does require minimal heat!

*Almost always remembering to bring my own bags shopping, rarely accepting tissue or paper bags in department stores.

*Am planning to explore the world of eco-toothbrushes – apparently they have replaceable heads. Could make interesting Christmas gifts?

The list goes on. We falter and forget but change is indeed taking place. But it is not enough! They are all helpful and necessary changes and they will make a difference I’m sure as we all share in that responsibility.But I know there is more. I believe the “other” environment, our internal environment, is calling us to make similar changes in consciousness. Transformation is in fact happening as I continue to transform my inner world so as to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. We don’t see the world as it is; we see the world as we are. If we are internally conflicted, judgmental, wounded, unkind to ourselves, we will project that negative energy outward.

So. . . as I de-clutter my attic I am de-cluttering my mind (ok, attempting to )of attachments and fears (or is it the other way around?). As I eliminate toxins from my home, so must I detoxify the judgments and perceptions poisoning my inner sanctum. As I reduce and eliminate plastics from my world, I am trying to clean up the “plastic” images and untruths of my past and those fed to me by the media.

Einstein was quoted to have said something along the lines that no problem an be solved by the same consciousness that created it. We are changing our consciousness. As I look around , there is evidence everywhere. This Blog Action Day on the environment is evidence. The parallel work of transforming the inner world along with the outer is indeed the challenge. I once read that if everyone on the planet meditated, wars would be eliminated. A global ommmm! I love that idea. It supposedly takes only 15% of any given group to turn the tide. Surely there’s a critical mass of green that is waking up – we can only hope.

The promotion site for this October 15 Blog Action Day boldly states “Find Your Passion”. I translate passion to mean “gift” – something all of us have to offer. Mine is bringing the world of dreams to folks as they explore that inner world for guidance and wisdom. The 12-Steppers talk about “walking your talk”, making the outer reality match the inner one, or at least bringing them to closer alignment. Bringing my inner world into alignment with the outer world (or the other way around I reckon works too) through dreams, meditation, nature, creativity – whatever it is that quiets me long enough to hear that inner voice– will also guide me toward responsible and deeper change.

The human spirit is deep and abundant. What are the gifts and passions that we bring?. What can we offer this world in its healing? What do our inner voices tell us during those quiet moments? If we are to bring lasting change both within and without, we must learn to listen ever more closely. Shhhhhh. . . let’s do a waking dream of a world where we are reminded each time we brush our teeth about each drink of water we enjoy, every piece of paper we use, every toothbrush we discard. The work is about slowing down and becoming aware of the footprint we leave on the physical, emotional and spiritual worlds we inhabit.



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