This brilliant universe…more resiliant than polymers

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(Formerly called: The lights are on but nobody’s without humans would recover)

“I no longer believe in the anthropocentric myth of the end of the world. There is every likelihood that we humans will destroy ourselves, but not creation. Creations has an infinite capacity to co-create.” –Diarmuid O’Murchu in Evolutionary Faith

Author Alan WeismanAuthor Alan Weisman traveled the world talking to experts and visiting key sites, to explore how the earth would respond and hopefully recover, devoid of humans and their activity. The NPR interview in written form includes the entire Chapter 9 titled “Polymers are Forever”.

'The World Without Us' Book Cover

Maria’s ‘Greening’ blog post on plastic proliferation describes practical applications to reduce the need for new plastic formation.

Where’s the everyday spirituality of this topic? Acknowledging that we’ve made quite a mess, and we need to clean up after ourselves…that’s standard stuff. Really imagining the planet without humans on it…ah, now there is a real spiritual practice, one that can lead us to interesting, and possibly enlightening, places in our psyches and souls.

How does this story affect you?

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