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I was drawn recently to an old book on my bookshelf to read once again. It is The Wisdom of the Dream about the world of the great man himself, Carl Jung. It reminded me of the exciting journey into the subconscious world of dreams with all of its symbols, mystery and wisdom. In a letter Carl Jung wrote seven months before his death to an English correspondent, he laments what he perceived to be a failure of his lifes work:

I have failed in my foremost task to open peoples eyes to the fact that man has a soul, that there is a buried treasure in the field, and that our religion and philosophy are in a lamentable state.

The buried treasure he was referring to is the human soul and that dreams represent one powerful path toward the soul and our shadow. Beths recent blog on sehnsucht that which quietly draws us to our purpose ignited a spark within me that has me listening to that inner guidance informing me of what brings passion into my life soul work and the dreams that manifest themselves as doorways to the soul. And speaking of doorways, I had a dream on the first of September which I entitled Beetlemania which seems appropriate to share in light of this wonderful concept of “sehnsucht:

I am standing in a plain whitish-gray room and suddenly need to go the bathroom. I then remember there is a small cabin or cottage outside across the walkway. It is pouring rain now. I walk down a white tiled narrow hallway to a door that opens up to a path leading to the cottage. The feeling of having private space for myself in this cottage is exhilarating. As I open this door, I look down to see a large bug on the threshold. It has a black round body with very long thin legs. I want it to go outside and it begins to move out. I have a sense it knows what I am thinking and complies. It begins to move more quickly. Once we are both outside, I close the door but realize it could somehow squeeze and mold itself back in. I pull the door tighter to where I know it is sealed and the beetle cannot get back in. I head toward the cottage knowing it will find its way there and I feel ok with that. end of dream

Somehow the dream and the idea of sehnsuct seem connected. Am I being reminded and pulled into what is necessary to do my soul work? That which requires solitude, a solitary place, a small cottage, whether physical or symbolic, in order to create and give birth to those desires of the heart? The pull toward the cottage feels anticipatory and exciting. The bug, which looked like a cross between a beetle and a daddy-long-legs, has a strange perspective. It is like a shadow on the thresehold shadow needing to brought into the light and rain outdoors. In Egyptian myth the scarab beetle represents spiritual enlightenment. I have no idea what the scarab beetle looks like but its symbolism rings true. The odd thing is that in the dream the beetle didnt seem grossly oversized even though its round body was about as big as the doors metal threshold. In practicing symbol immersion, bringing the symbol closer and examining it, that bugger grows huge. That rings true as well. The closer I get to the shadowy areas of my psyche, the bigger and life-changing they seem.

To quote again from The Wisdom of the Dream”, analyst Dr. James Hillman in writing about bugs in dreams says in part:

. . . they (bugs) want something, they want to get into your blood, they want to get into your hair, they want to get you, and they have an intention, theyre like little demons or little angels, to change your way of behaving.

That little angel wants me alright and the question of its intention intrigues me. And those long legs? Gentle, fragile tentacles that lead to new places, dark corners, old patterns and holes in the psyche that are calling for the light. They remind me to put one leg in front of the other so to speak; that this is just one leg of the journey to the work of the soul (well, yes, dreams speak in puns as well!).

Beetlemania has not been taken to my dream circle as we are in summer hiatus but I know there is more to this dream. What feels true is walking down a hallway, a symbol of transition. It is time for giving birth to those things that have been hiding behind all the distractions that Beth mentions in her article. Becoming a woman of sixty has begun yet another transition into hopefully a deeper wisdom and a simplicity that will allow me to sink into the work that is to be the rest of my life. That shadow beetle will follow me and in the dream it actually felt good to know my friend would make its way to the cottage in its own good time.

There are changes ahead in my life as my newly retired husband and I renew, restructure, renegotiate that transition, my children and their partners joys, transitions and challenges, perhaps more grandchildren, pursuing my writing, (which lately feels somewhat akin to pulling fishhooks out of my body or what I would imagine that to feel like), my own ongoing struggle with purpose, and important soul work that is so vital to our own lives and critically vital and urgent to the life of our beautiful planet.

I urge you once again to register your name and email on this website so that you can respond and share with us. We would love to hear your ideas on sehnsucht that which pulls your heartstrings– and I personally would be very excited to hear your response to the dream beetle. . . your dream of my dream as we say in circle because the dream speaks to all of us in a collective way as well as personally. In this dream, as all dreams, there is a buried treasure. It is a piece of soul that Im being asked to remember. I, for one, think Jung was being a little hard on himself!

Maria Wattier, Dreamtender, Beetlekeeper




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