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Note from the May 27-28 All Night Fire Circle

The Central Oregon Fire Circle Community had an all-night fire circle on May 27-28 (Memorial Day weekend). We focused our circle on the topic of ‘ancestors’, and had a lovely dialogue about our physical, animal and plant ancestral lineages. Daniel did a fire-as-prayer ‘fire poi’ (fire dance). We broke up the circle late, with our hearts warmed. Almost all who attended the circle bedded down around the fire in my semi-urban backyard, looking up at the firelight playing with the white skin of the Grandmother Weeping Birch. We took turns keeping the fire going and watching over the sleeping community throughout the rest of the night. Then, as morning came on strong, some of us early risers prepared the communal breakfast and regaled the later risers with a chant and a spontaneous ‘roses are red, violets are blue, breakfast is ready, just for you’ song. This fire was attended by 3 very young members of our community, aged 4, 6, and 8. All 3 participated in the offerings and told great jokes and stories. They bedded down a bit earlier than the rest of us, but I’m convinced that they, as well as the 3 teenagers who attended, have an imprint of a lovely communal time of fun, great good humor, sleeping out under the stars with others who love them, having the fire warm their hearts, and delicious food in the morning! So, the essence was: we not only talked about ancestry, we participated in making multi-generational community come to life. It was a great experiment, and we’ll do it again—maybe make it an annual event! For more information about the worldwide Sacred Fire Community or the Northwest USA Fire Circle Community.



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