Vulnerability takes great strength

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You may have read a series of story posts by a wonderful woman, Peg Gerrity, called “Becoming a Woman God Could Use” on this website awhile back. In the series, Peg talks about how her art is helping her to heal from childhood abuse, and she included some art in the posting. Peg was using her life-story as a background for a retreat she was facilitating, and wrote it up for the Virtual Tea House.

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Peg, saying that the telling of her story has changed.

Here are Peg’s words:

In the original version I posted on Virtual Tea House, I made it sound like I married Prince Charming the second time around and that my self-esteem issues were resolved. The truth is, I have allowed my current husband to abuse me emotionally, verbally, and even physically. It was 2:00am the morning of my talk that I was finally able to correct the presentation and tell the full truth.

I feel like it is important to let the readers of Virtual Tea House know that lack of self-esteem can dig a pretty deep hole, and climbing out of that hole is often a life-long project. For this reason, I’ve attached the revised version of the story “Becoming A Woman God Can Use”.

Overcoming childhood abuse is a process that I continue to deal with every day. There is still much work for me to do, and changing my presentation in time for the women’s retreat was the best place for me to start. By posting this new, more honest version to the Virtual Tea House, I hope to inspire others to look critically at what they are telling themselves about their own lives. Is it real? Is it true? Are we falling into the traps of dysfunction again? If so, what is our contribution to the dysfunction?

Healing from abuse is a tricky thing, and as Peg says, it’s easy to fall into the very traps we think we’re climbing out of, by calling them a different name.

I applaud Peg’s journey to healing, and thank her for her honesty. You’ll find Peg’s new story posted in the Stories of Hope (rather than Art as Healer), and I took the liberty of re-titling it as Becoming a Woman that God Is Using” as her vulnerability is a precious thing that can give us all hope.

If you didn’t get a chance to read Peg’s story before, even though it’s long, it’s worth the journey.

Thanks, Peg. Keep writing, and as they say in 12 Step meetings…’keep comin’ back’.

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