Maria’s Blog # 1: The Green Dream!

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May 21, 2007 Monday

The Green Dream

I had a dream last night. Actually, I had three dreams after a long dry period. I attribute this profusion of dreams to my taking B-complex vitamins as suggested by Jeremy Taylor at his recent workshop in Bend, Oregon. Which, by the way, was awesome. I would like to share just a snippet of the third dream which has moved me to begin writing:

A woman lives high atop a green wooded mountain in a beautiful castle-like home set in the midst of all the greenery. An old itinerant man has moved up there close to her and she is worried about the impact he will have on her environment. I hear her asking me what she should do. She wants to be compassionate and make the right decision but also knows this could be detrimental to the area. I become lucidly aware of her need for clear discernment about this and that she also needs to embrace the needs of the mountain itself and the trees and the whole of it then I awaken.

I have not worked with this dream and all its implications and levels yet but I am sure there are many. What I do want to do is use the deep energy that this dream has left in me to work with discernment toward healing not just me (the woman), my community (the man perhaps) and this beautiful planet we live on (the mountain), and once again I must honor the energy of the dream.

News of global warming and other distresses Mother Earth is suffering fills the news. I guess it is a good thing that our consciousness has moved us to see this through prime time media. I cannot avoid it and we cannot continue to sleep through this. It brings thoughts of my 11 month old grandson, Sammy, and how his life will be impacted by our decisions or lack of them. It truly feels overwhelming at times where do we begin to heal? Perhaps the dream is pointing out that it must begin simply with one person or two people sharing with many others and compassionate discernment. I do not have answers only questions and residual dream energy that is prompting me to take action no matter how insignificant it may feel.

The movement toward voluntary simplicity appeals to me and I believe is part of the greening movement. It is about reducing clutter in our lives physical and emotional and living with balance, making changes in everyday living as responses to the complexity of our lives. It involves frugal consumption and ecological awareness in an ever increasing complicated world. Keep it Simple, one of the key slogans in the inspired 12-Step programs is my mantra. Keeping it simple so that I can hear that deeper voice, for writing, for balance between contemplation and action. So. . . since Myra Beth Patterson has graciously offered me this blog space, I am going to go for it and invite you to join in. I am going to be bold (a lesson from another recent dream I shared) and create a weekly entry about what I learn on the path toward simplicity, mindfulness and greening consciousness. The need is urgent!

This is my living dream and in my dream each person on the planet begins doing just one thing and the impact of that becomes enormous. One simple decision to do things differently and in small ways it begins to revolutionize our lives and the planet. The days of environmental ambivalence as an option are gone. It is now everyones responsibility. What I hope to share is not new just simple things but it is the joining together through this website that will reinforce, validate, unite and honor our efforts. We can do no less. I very much want to believe we can make a difference.

Ok then, so where do we begin? How about with a suggestion from one of the most influential leaders in the green movement, Al Gore. Just some old fashioned advice I heard repeatedly from my mom and dad. In the May 2007 issue of Body & Soul, Al advises:

Go through your house every single day and turn off any lights you are not using (or, I would add, do not turn them on unless needed).

Heck, it doesnt get much simpler than that. I would also add that in using this as a mindfulness practice, I find that I so many times I needlessly and out of habit turn on a light as I did this morning to brush my teeth in a sunlit room.

Two-thirds of all the electricity used in the residential sector of the United States powers lights and appliances. Electricity production generates more than 1.9 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year. Whoops, I just noticed that I’m doing it again–as I write this, I’ve been using my desk lamp rather than sliding the blinds open from a large door and using natural light!

I can remember flying over the Dallas-Ft. Worth area at night and looking down at an ocean of lights that began long before touchdown. Can you imagine if every unnecessary light was switched off in that enormous area on any given night what a difference that could make?

So, this is my first piece under my Green Dream series and I plan to regularly add a short reflection (puns intended!) on my light practice and hope it generates energy into your dream life as well as your waking life.

JOIN ME I will present a weekly green practice and subsequent reflections but I very much want to hear your creative ideas and comments. **Maria




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