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Welcome to the Virtual Tea House!

This is my first blog…ever…and I have had some inertia about writing it for a couple of reasons. One is that I like to facilitate dialogue and throw my 2 cents in, but not be front-and-center. However, since this website is my progeny, I guess I better own it! Its development has been amazing and confusing, ‘bruising and blessing’ as Tevye sings. But, I feel that I have been ‘led on’ to create something that is, in contrast to ‘my space’, rather ‘our space’. So that is what I have done.

Creating the container for women (and of course men) who care about the global community to dialogue, laugh and learn from each other, sharing our art, our dreams, our hope, our despair, our fragility and strength…this is why this website exists. It exists also to be a sort of clearinghouse for those of us who are wanting to be of service to others, outside our physical circle, who may need something we have to give. In this time of seeming disconnection, my hope is that this site will be a place of inspiration, of challenge, and heart-connection.

For those of you wondering more about the purpose of the website (besides the WomenSpeak2007 pages), please explore the ‘Purpose’ pages. We’ll be chatting about all that, in due time…Having just come from the WomenSpeak2007 conference in San Antonio, where there was such a feast for our hearts, here’s a question for anyone who is ‘listening; The question goes something like this. “What kind of faithfulness leads you on?”

Being ‘led on’ is not necessarily a good connotation in our culture…and yet, that’s the term that best describes this hare-brained project…being led on by energies that are shaping and refining and soothing and ruffling, contradictory and compelling.

So…what’s leading you on, my new and old friends?

Have a cuppa on me!

Oh yeah, the second reason for inertia–I use too many dashes, exclamation marks and other non-standard writing techniques. But this is a conversation, not an essay, right?

Beth Patterson

Host, Virtual Tea House




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